AT&T U-verse U200 vs U300

A great many of customers feel confused about the differences between U200 and U300. They find it difficult to figure out the distinguishing features between them, and have no idea which one is better or is more cost-effective. Here we compare the two plans in special offers, content and prices in a list below. See U-verse U200 vs U300:

U200 vs U300 Promotions and Special Offers:

For new residential U-verse customers:

  1. U-family TV Package
  2. Up to 6Mbps Internet speed with unlimited data (a $30 mo. value)
  • U200 Package:
  1. price as low as $44/mo for 6 mos.
  2. up to 300 Channels
  3. includeing Total Home DVR®, Local Channels and Music Channels.
  • U300 Package:
  1. price as low as $59/mo for 6 mos.
  2. up to 390 Channels
  3. including Premium Movie Package, Premium Sports Package, Total Home DVR, Local Channels, Music Channels.

  1. DIRECTV + Internet $80/mo. + taxes for 2 years, Get $150 in Reward Cards
  2. Up to $150 in reward cards when you order online
  3. DIRECTV + Internet+ Home Phone $89.99/mo.Plus get up to $150 in reward cards

You would be well advised to get U200 or U300 in bundle with U-verse Internet or/and U-verse Voice. Not only can you get greater enjoyment, but also receive bigger savings.

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U200 vs U300 Channels:

  • U200: including up to 280 channels in general entertainment, sports and news, plus in-depth news networks, 46 digital Music Choice channels and more.
  • U300: including up to 370 channels. In addition to the channels in U200, U300 offers The Movie Package – STARZ, ENCORE, SHOWTIME, the Movie Channel, FLIX and more.

General Channels 46 digital Music Choice channels STARZ ENCORE SHOWTIME The Movie Channel FLIX


Add-on Channels Services:

  • U200: add HD service at the price of $10/mo. Watch more than 180 HD channels, including sports, movies, and more.
  • U300: the same as U200.

U200 vs U300 Prices:

  • U200: $77 per month.
  • U300: $92 per month.

Some suggestions for choosing from U200 and U300:

If you’re a movie fancier, you can choose U200 + HBO or Cinemax, or U300. HBO or Cinemax shows more of the new movies, and is free for 3 months. If you’re not gonna keep it, U300 would be better for it has a greater number of channels. However, if you’re not interested in other regular channels or non-movie channels in U300, U200 + specified package is still a great option.

This post compares U-verse U200 with U300 in details to help you get the more appropriate one along with big savings. We will get updated on this section instantly there are new changes.

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