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Beeline Discount Code - November 2020

Treat yourself to huge savings with Beeline Discount Code: 20 Discount Code and 21 deals for November 2020.

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  • Beeline Discount Code

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    All itmes from Beeline are delivered by Royal Mail which is UK's national postal service.If your package is to be delivered outside the UK, Royal Mail will deliver the package to a local delivery partner in the destination country/territory, usually is the national Postal service.All items ordered before 12pm (noon) will be sent on the same day.
  • What's the warranty of Beeline?
    Beeline does best to make sure the products are as great as possible, if it's not, then you can email Beeline and they will correct it at any time within 12 months of your purchase, but they have to check first to make sure you didn't take it scuba diving or feed it to your dog etc.If you bought the product from one of retailers, this warranty also applies to your product, but make sure you can prove that you bought it from a legitimate retailer.Please note that Beeline will not be able to provide warranty for your product if you purchased it from eBay or second-hand from another source.
  • Can customers change their delivery address at Beeline?
    It will be automatically sent to the warehouse of Beeline for shipment as long as you placed your order.This will ensure that every order can be sent out as soon as possible.Unfortunately, this means that Beeline is unlikely to change your shipping address after you placed your order.In rare cases, your order may not have been shipped out yet, so if you urgently need to see if your address can be changed, it might be worthy of contacting the store.If your order was sent to the incorrect address, you need to wait for the order to be returned to the sender.As long as it is returned to the warehouse, Beeline is able to send it to your correct address.Please make sure you have double checked your address before checking out.

Beeline Reviews & Rating

Pierre Salinger
2020-08-13 21:13:48

Great piece of kit!

Created an account just to say what an amazing experience I have had with Beeline! I received a metal Moto for my birthday , and when it came to me, I loved it, used it all weekend, but had an issue with the Moto sticking in the charger and I could not get it out!

The gentleman in customer service sent me out a new one, after talking me through some possible fixes really quickly. I am planning a trip through Spain next month soon and I cant wait, I have had so many comments! Other than the fact that they need voice commands, which would be the icing on the cake. I cant recommend enough!

2020-08-10 01:20:51

I like my Beeline GPS

I like my Beeline GPS. It gives me the basic directions with no frills. It's small and inconspicuous. It has great battery life. I like being able to download GPX tracks to the app. I'd like it to handle multi-segment GPX tracks, but maybe that'll come in a future release. It's great that it works well both on and off road - I've used it with both. I'm well satisfied with it overall.

Jonathan Evenstedt
2020-08-09 18:25:39

One happy scooter boy!

I’ve been using the Beeline Moto on my Lambretta the hole season. Hasn’t disappointed me once. It’s all the info you need displayed on a very nice design. Could even find the right way to an old farm on the country side lacking road names, numbers and everything. Really impressive and good looking. I can also ad that customer support is top notch. Had a fall the other week and the guys at Beeline send me new spare parts straight away! 👌🏼

Steve Ibbetson
2020-08-06 11:23:56

I received my Beeline promptly expected

I received my Beeline promptly as expected, and was greeted with a well thought out packaging system which was easy to get into. Although the device comes with a little mount of charge I decided to charge it up to the max which didn't take long to get to 100%. When I tried to remove the device from the charger it wouldn't budge but eventually with my super human strength the little so and so gave up and broke free. The reason it got stuck on the charger was some of the residue from the retaining sticker had been left on the base of the Beeline but this was easily removed with a spot of WD40 and a bit of kitchen roll.
You do get 2 methods to attach the device to the bike and I chose the non elasticated method with a view to utilise a GoPro suction attachment on my screen. The part supplied for this proved somewhat difficult when I tried to remove the device from its mounting. This part seemed to be faulty so after several light hearted emails a new part is to be posted out

Christian Hensen
2020-08-06 06:13:18

Found by chance - extremely enthusiastic!

By chance I came across Beeline in search of the smallest possible navigation device for a motorcycle. After a very short delivery time, I was able to use my Beeline Moto and I am thrilled. The reduced view compared to large navigation devices is completely sufficient and does what it should - keep it simple! Contact with support can only be praised. Very short reaction times are paired with competent answers, please more of them!

Paul Hughes
2020-07-27 11:34:49

Would not go anywhere without it.

Would not go anywhere without it.

I bought this for my motorbike after doing quite a lot of research and I am SO pleased that I did. Firstly, it is nice and small and does not distract you from your riding as you can scan it as you are watching the road. The smartphone app (I have an Android phone) is so very easy to use and (depending on where I am going) I like to chop between the two options.

An added bonus is that I bought a mount for my Harley Sportster so I can use the one it comes with on my bicycle so I get two sat-navs for the price of one.

Would wholeheartedly recommend this sat nav to anyone who asks.

Darrel Boerman
2020-07-27 09:41:23

Amazing device

I never write reviews, but after getting one for my birthday last month, and the customer service I have received, I have fallen in love with my moto!

The metallic look, and sleekness of the model has gotten me many comments, the app is a breeze to navigate, and I am planning a trip to Hohenzollern next week, and I can not wait to try it on a longer trip.

I even had an issue with my charging cable, but I was able to get it resolved ASAP, Matthew at customer service sent me out a new one. Fantastic innovative small company.

Ed Brown
2020-07-21 13:35:45

Fantastic Device and Customer Service

Absolutely no issues setting up or mounting the device, and pairing it with my iPhone. It took me a little while to get used to how the device gives directions, but once I did, it's extremely intuitive. Works extremely well both in big cities (I live in London) and in the middle of nowhere (it successfully navigated me to the middle of the French countryside last week). I had an issue with the handlebar mount, but Matthew at customer service responded immediately and shipped me a new one free of charge. Very impressed all round.

Marco Boese
2020-07-20 09:48:27

Device is great

Device is great, looks amazing on my Kawasaki Z H2, had some pairing issues straight from the box with my Android device, I sent a message to Facebook and my issue was resolved almost immediately.

I would have liked more mount options, but so far very happy with it!

Lizzie Currie
2020-07-17 05:43:09

Excellent wee company.

I had a small issue with the universal mount for the Beeline for my motorbike. I contacted customer services and Matthew had responded even before I put my emailing fingers back in my pencil case. I was advised of how to approach the retailer from whom I originally purchased it and they then corresponded with the lovely people at Beeline. Result is a very happy and sorted me, looking forward to lots of navigable trips in the future, without fear of getting lost and running out of petrol.
Well done Beeline, a difficult time to promote a new, bold and innovative product but keep at it, you're awesome and so is my new wee gadget.

Excell Timber Window
2020-07-03 10:56:36

OK not realy used the satnav yet but I did have a problem withe the handlebar mountign barcket screws which are nto the best quility however this has been resolved

OK not really used the satnav yet but I know it's going to be great, the service has however been excellent, I did have a problem with the fixing screws to the bar mount which are not the best quality, Beeline use British manufacturing, great aftersale service.

steven moss
2020-07-02 17:41:24

Needs more reliable software

The right size, the right interface.
BUT, mine is always 1/10th of a mile off.

Doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re trying to find a twisty/turny destination, you cannot trust it, nor take your eyes repeatedly off the road.

Was instructed to charge it while it lays flat. Push the reset buttons.

My iPhone is spot on, but while this is a cool gadget, it’s grossly accurate but you can get lost in the corn maze if you really rely upon it.

I was a patient Kickstarter.
I rode for 44 years without one. I can ride another 44 without one.

Mark D
2020-06-22 14:32:12

What a great and useful piece of design

I’ve been a follower of this project since the early days, taking a keen interest its development and waiting for the right time to buy, which i did a few weeks ago. This is a great piece of design and it works well with the app. I have resisted for many years the option of slapping my phone on front of the bikes i’ve had, some that i’ve invested a huge amount in, preferring to stop and get the phone out rather than ruin it with a huge clamp on the bars. I wanted what Beeline have developed but never new it. And i personally need just enough info to get me from A to B, or just get out of town quick... I went for my first 100 mile blast last weekend and tested both modes without issue. I can clearly see where to go next (although i could do with some glasses to read which roundabout exit to take but in most cases it’s clearly left, right or straight on so was rarely and issue). When i cocked up it happily re—routed me. If i was a despatch rider i may prefer

H Brough
2020-04-27 11:27:38

Beeline were brilliant.

Beeline were very quick to send out some replacement reflectors when the ones that were delivered with my bike came without screws. This was during the lockdown period when they had skeleton staff, yet still I received swift and very understanding communication, with an added gesture of kindness. Thank you for your help, I will use Beeline again in future for my biking needs.

Nicola Fern
2020-03-07 09:50:59

Beeline to my heart 💓 🏍

I love my beeline moto! It’s so small and compact. It’s totally unobtrusive yet super easy to read and the display symbols make total sense to me. A dead simple device, which is exactly what you want.

The app could use some improvement, by and large it works well. For me, I would love the ability to link into external mapping apps like google maps and calimoto for better route finding. The beeline app gives you one route, rather than a choice. I really need audio directions as well, so have been using it in tandem with google maps and it works okayish like that, but would be good to have audio directions plus more route options built in or else able to link in more easily. Calimoto enables you to choose circular routes which is perfect for a nice rideout so that would be very handy.

All in all a great buy and I can’t wait to see what the devs do with it over time.

About Beeline

Beeline is here to make the trip better. They design and make simple, intelligent products that people enjoy. They don't think you need to rely on technology to tell you how to upgrade from A to B. Nudging in the right direction, they humans are good at finding their own path. After all, it's much more fun to choose your own path. The idea drove Mark and Tom to start it. They started with the bike navigation tool, which focuses on helping you experience more of the world around you. They like to think of it as both an exploration aid and a navigation aid! As they continue to build Beeline, they can't wait to see the future. They'd like you to come for a ride. Shop through beeline.co and enjoy super savings with November 2020 Beeline Discount Code, Promo Code and deals. As of today, we have 41 Beeline coupons for you to choose from: 20 Discount Code and 21 deals for you. Don't miss this fantastic deal!

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